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Omega Replica Watches decided to redesign its Slimline Automatic after a little less than two-years. The new style is available for the slimline automatic watch in stainless steel, or the same material plated in red gold. The most important technical features, such as the automatic movement, three hands, and date display, are still present. Its flat profile, and its affordable price of around $2,000 (for the basic steel version) and slightly more for gold-plated are also a plus.

The name of the Slimline collection is self-explanatory. It includes watches that have thin profiles. The Automatic Slimline is the model that stands out among the rest,Omega Replica Watches with its affordable price and the same DNA of the other watches in the collection, along with the same refined look. The brand has not yet provided any information on the price or case thickness of the new model. It is safe to assume that the case thickness and the price will be similar. The older model was priced at about $2,000 while the more luxurious version cost a few hundred dollars more. The thickness of the case was less than 8mm, which is likely to be the case again since the brand chose the same caliber.

The same philosophy, with slight differencesThe new models are very similar to the older versions. However, there are many new details. The silvery-white dial is the most notable. The dial has been replaced with a crisp, clear curved surface instead of being covered in guilloche. The square aperture used to display the date of the watch has been moved from the bottom position to the more conventional three o'clock. The shape of the black hand-polished hands has also changed.Richard Mille Replica They are now teardrop-shaped. These pointers replace the Breguet style pointers that were previously used. The face also includes slim, black painted Roman numerals.

The round housing on the refurbished Frederique Slimline Automatic can also be distinguished. The difference is visible on the bezel, which has been redesigned to look less ribbed. The only difference between the old and new version is that the novel model has a diameter of 40mm. This is just a millimeter larger than the previous one.

The similarities are many. For example, the case-back has a sapphire-like window, which is also a feature of all watches in the Omega Replica Watches Slimline collection. There are also engravings that show the model number. Other shared characteristics include the presence of the convex sapphire on the front and the supported water resistance up to 30 meters.

It is clear that the FC-306 mechanical self-winding caliber is the most similar. This movement has 25 jewels. It has a high frequency of 28,800 VPH and a modest power reserve lasting 42 hours.